Gems from African Tansania

The gemstones used in our jewelry come from Tanzania. Their quality and purity is verified by certified laboratories in the EU.

All mined gemstones are secured with a trademark that confirms the social responsibility of gemstone mining in the area.

Mining places

Our mining company TUMICO owns three mining plots, Lady Rose, Lady Blue and Msinji No. 8, where almost all known and available precious stones such as amethyst, spinel, ruby, tourmaline, citrine, quartz, garnet, sapphire, chrysoberyl, diamond, as well as very rare and rarer stones - taaffeite, alexandrite and musgravite are mined.


It has many shades of colour, the most common colouring being associated with blue, purple, blue-violet, green and yellow.

Sapphire as a stone of faith and spiritual purity. Since the Middle Ages it has represented the highest spiritual values, and in ancient Greece it was valued as a stone of wisdom, fidelity and common sense.

Its captivating blue colour symbolises the infinite depth of the universe.


Ruby is considered the king of gemstones, just like diamond.

Its colour is mostly reddish pinkish, purplish white to bluish.

Rubies are among the most precious of the „dove's blood” colour and have been attributed magical powers since time immemorial.

Ruby has been considered the stone of life, It is one of the finest gemstones used in jewellery. In Tanzania, we find ruby crystals overgrown in green zoisite.


It is one of the youngest gemstones ever discovered and one of the most exquisite blue stones ever.

It was discovered relatively recently, in the 1960s, and despite its small occurrence, it quickly caught the attention of gemstone experts and investors.

The colour range includes all shades of sapphire blue through blue-violet to greenish purple, it also occurs in two or more colour combinations which are not only colourfully interesting but also collectible.


Perhaps nothing so aptly describes this unusual precious stone as the simile : „Emerald by day, ruby by night.” One of the rarest and most precious gemstones, known for its phenomenal colour tones, it belongs to the chrysoberyl group. It is particularly exceptional for its dramatic colour change from green in daylight to cherry red when illuminated by artificial light

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Gems from a safe source

Environmentally sustainable mining

We are 100% ecologically sustainable. Our supplier mines in accordance with the basic physical properties of the mined material - the weight and density of the gemstones.

Gold particles and gemstones are thus separated from the sand and soil without the use of mercury and other chemicals used to separate the individual components.

Social programme

The supplier of our stones has committed to build a local grinding school, make the local road accessible, participate in the construction of an orphanage and take an active role in the revival of the agricultural sector development.

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