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Since the establishment of the company in 2021, the high standard that we offer to our clients has been most important to us. SOLOOOM represents the perfection contained in the most beautiful precious stones from our mines in Tanzania, Africa, but also from other countries of the world, and you breathe life into them, give them a unique form, they become part of your story.

Nothing is left to chance. Every step is precisely controlled so that you get the stones of the highest quality in the form of jewelry, the birth of which you stood. Together we create the history of jewelry in Slovakia, together we open the story of you and your jewelry.

Your vision preserved forever

A rich collection of the most interesting and high-quality gemstones gives you the opportunity to bring your vision, creative idea or inspiration into reality.

Our top designers will guide you through the entire creation process and draw on paper what you carry in your thoughts. Then it’s just a few steps to your desired piece of jewelry. Whether it is for you or someone close to you, it will carry your touch forever.

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A unique jewel for a unique owner

Just as you and your story are unique, so is the unique piece of jewelry we will make for you. Stand out and let your chosen gem shine in a luxury piece of jewelry made just for you.

We try not only to take but also to give

Our gems come from Tanzania, so it is in our interest to give something back to this country.

That is why we participate in building an orphanage and contribute to ensure that the smallest members of the local community have access to school and medical supplies along with clothing.

Creating jobs is a natural part of our operations in Tanzania. Beyond the standard is our emphasis on high-quality and safe working conditions together with raising the standard of living of our local employees.

We are building a grinding school, making local communication accessible and participating in the development of the agricultural sector.

We follow the OECD recommendations on the extraction of mineral resources. We do not use mercury or chemicals to separate gold and gems from excavated soil. We respect the basic physical properties of excavated material and support the development of environmental programs.

We support children in Africa

100% ecologically sustainable mining

We provide work

Soloom Team

Peter Soldán

General director

Martin Andráši



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