The most expensive engagement rings in the world

An engagement ring, which is a symbol of love, is given by a man to his beloved as a sign of confirmation and consolidation of their relationship. It is usually a harbinger of a planned wedding, so it is carefully chosen so that the woman who receives it is happy and especially satisfied with her choice.

Because an engagement ring in a woman’s life symbolizes love, fidelity and the power of marriage. Almost every woman dreams of becoming the owner of an exceptional piece of jewelry associated with an engagement, confirming the eternal love of her partner.

Let yourself be carried away into the world of luxury thanks to the ranking of the top 10 most expensive engagement rings. Their lucky owners wear wealth worthy of residences, several cars, or luxury yachts on their ring finger.

10. Princess Diana’s ring

Princess Diana received an engagement ring worth $317,200 from her fiance, Prince Charles. This beautiful gem was set with a blue sapphire surrounded by white diamonds. This beautiful gem was set with a blue sapphire surrounded by white diamonds. The ring weighs 18 carats and is just as stunning as it was in Princess Diana’s time.

9. Catherine Zeta-Jones ring

9. Catherine Zeta-Jones, who got engaged to Michael Douglas, received as a gift a unique engagement ring, the price of which is 2 million dollars. The ring is set with a 10-carat marquise-cut diamond. A characteristic feature of the ring is that the main stone, surrounded by small diamonds, is set horizontally.

8. Anna Kournik’s ring

The long-term relationship of Anna Kournik and Enrique Iglesias finally ended with an engagement. The tennis player’s finger was decorated with an engagement ring for 2.5 million dollars. In the center of the ring is a pink diamond, on the sides of which are pressed two white triangular diamonds.

7. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis ring

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis has a double surname. We know her as the wife of US President John F. Kennedy. Before that, however, she was married to Aristotle Onassis, who gave her an engagement ring of an original shape, decorated with a beautiful emerald and diamonds of various shapes. But this $2.5 million jewel was meant to be seen by the world only twice – the rest of the time it was kept in a vault.

6. Ring by Melanie Knauss

In 2004, model and jewelry designer Melania Knauss got engaged to real estate icon, now former US President Donald Trump. An engagement ring adorned with a 12-carat emerald diamond worth $3 million appeared on her finger.

5. Jennifer Lopez’s ring

Jennifer Lopez has been engaged and even married several times. When she was in a relationship with Ben Affleck for the first time, she received as a gift a ring with a pink diamond weighing 6.1 carats and worth 1.2 million dollars. But Jennifer Lopez occupies the sixth position in our ranking thanks to her engagement to actor and singer Marc Anthony. The engagement was sealed with a $4 million Neil Lane engagement ring with 8.5 carats of blue diamonds.

4. Grace Kelly’s ring

Actress Grace Kelly received a Cartier ring as a gift from her lover, Prince Rainier III. from Monaco. At that time, Hollywood women, following fashion trends, got carried away with diamond rings, which caused a diamond boom. As a result, Grace received an engagement ring with emerald cut stones with a total weight of 18.4 carats. The price of this jewelry is 4.6 million dollars.

3. Paris Hilton’s ring

Paris Hilton’s engagement to Greek millionaire Paris Latis was sealed with a $4.7 million engagement ring. The white gold ring is decorated with a rectangular diamond, the beauty of which is accentuated on both sides by two other baguette-cut diamonds. True, the engagement, lasting 5 months, did not end in anything. A magnificent ring could not connect the destinies of two celebrities. But he helped the victims of Hurricane Katrina, as Paris Hilton sold him at an auction after breaking up the relationship.

2. Beyoncé’s ring

Beyoncé and her ring ring rightfully own this spot, as she received a $5 million engagement ring from rapper Jay-Z. This elegant piece is set with a gorgeous 18-carat octagonal diamond. After their engagement, they secretly married in New York in April 2008.

1. Elizabeth Taylor ring

Elizabeth Taylor is the owner of one of the most expensive engagement rings in the world. The actress, who is known both for her beauty and roles in films, was married 8 times. Thanks to this, she accumulated a whole collection of jewelry, the value of which is estimated at 150 million dollars. However, her fickle marriage to Richard Burton attracted the most attention from the press. The ring he gave her, known as the Krupp Diamond, is set with a 33.19-carat grade IIa diamond. This means that the diamond is of very high caliber and has exceptional clarity. The press was full of photos of Taylor unashamedly showing off the ring. It was subsequently sold at auction for a record 8.8 million dollars.

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