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Aquamarine is a light blue or turquoise colored gemstone. Its color resembles sea water, which is why it was named after it (from the Latin aqua marina). Aquamarine symbolizes courage and, according to Feng Shui, has a calming effect and helps the soul.


Alexandrite is among the rarest and most luxurious gemstones and has become Russia’s national gemstone. It is highly prized for its changing color, which depends on the sun’s impact on the gem.


Thanks to its royal purple color, it has always been a popular coronation jewel, and thanks to its spiritual symbolism, it has also become a symbol of episcopal rank. As with most stones, deep colored shades are the most valuable. An exceptional place belongs to the so-called ametrine, which combines purple amethyst with golden citrine. If you desire to please a spiritually oriented being, amethyst is clearly the first choice.


Crème de la Crème among gems. So much has been written about diamonds that it’s hard to tell you something you don’t already know. But we can safely assure you of one thing. Choosing a diamond is always a certainty that has never disappointed. Although their financial value may fluctuate at times, the love for them continues to grow.


Garnet is considered a gem of love and passion, therefore it is a popular gift for lovers or for wedding anniversaries. Its price depends on the color – the richer and more intense the color, the more precious the stone. Unusual colors are even rarer than the usual red garnets.


Padparadscha is a pink gemstone that belongs to the Sapphire family by its structure. It is a rare species with an exceptional color that is appreciated by many jewelers and lovers of exceptional jewelry.


The ruby, prized for centuries mainly for its exceptional color and brilliance, can sometimes be more valuable than the diamond itself. Thanks to its red color, it is a popular symbol of love, and it is no newcomer to gemstones. After all, you will find mention of the ruby several times in the Bible itself. If you reach for a ruby of the most desirable blood-red color, you will ensure the affection and admiration of your chosen one, and the next and the next.


Along with diamond, sapphire and ruby, it belongs to the four most valuable gemstones, and its most important factor is its color. The most prized is an emerald with a deep green tone with shades of blue. However, the gemstone requires special care because it is soft and delicate. Its beauty will shine on Swan Lake, the Ball at the opera or the investment bankers’ banquet, but it will slowly fade when worn on a daily basis.


Spinel is a red gemstone that has long been mistaken for Ruby. It is among the hardest and most durable gemstones. Due to its beautiful color and clear crystals, it often forms the crown jewels.


One of the youngest gems was discovered in 1967 and has a single deposit, which is Tanzania. In addition to the fact that it quickly gained worldwide popularity, it is a favorite piece of jewelry of Hollywood filmmakers. It appeared as the necklace of the main character Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic or as part of several pieces of jewelry in the movie The Great Gatsby. And it can also appear on the neck, ears or hand of your femme fatale.


There are no two identical tourmalines in the world. Their color spectrum is so wide that you can even find clear or black variants among them. However, the most rare are those with an atypical color. The most famous tourmaline is a 52 carat pink rubellite gifted to the Russian Empress Catherine II. By sharpening well, the grinder can adjust the saturation of the shade and, thanks to this, increase the price of the stone. Find out how our grinders did it.


The blue brother of the ruby, next to the diamond, the hardest gemstone in the world, which softens the heart even of a cold lady. The most popular is its blue variant, but it also comes in other attractive colors. You can find the popular crown jewel in our depository mainly in its rarest form – naturally intense blue with a creamy touch in medium dark tones.

The origin of gems

The gemstones used in our jewelry come from Tanzania. Their quality and purity is verified by certified laboratories in the EU. All mined gems are protected by a trademark that confirms the social responsibility of gem mining in the given area.

Our mining company TUMICO owns three mining parcels: Lady Rose, Lady Blue and Msinji No. 8, in which almost all known and available precious stones such as amethyst, spinel, ruby, tourmaline, citrine, quartz, garnet, sapphire, chrysoberyl, diamond, as well as very rare and rare stones – taaffeite, alexandrite and musgravit are mined.

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Jewelry custom-made by its owner

Topaz earrings with sapphires from 2 pieces of natural blue topaz with a total weight of 12,370 carats, originating from the Hindu Kush. They are complemented by 8 pieces of natural blue sapphires with a total weight of 3,150 carats, originating from Ceylon and decorated with 52 pieces of high quality VS1 natural diamonds with a total weight of 2,500 carats. The design is in 18 carat white gold with a total weight of 9.430 grams.

The ruby ring contains 1 natural ruby solitaire from the Pamirs with a total weight of 0.187 carats, complemented by 9 pieces of natural smaller rubies with a total weight of 3.345 carats from Burma and 39 pieces of natural diamonds with a total weight of 2.340 carats. The design of the ring is in 18 carat white gold with a total weight of 12,636 grams.


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