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The most expensive engagement rings in the world
An engagement ring, which is a symbol of love, is given by a man to his beloved as a sign of confirmation and consolidation of...
Presentation of the gold brooch at the Beckovské sun event
We bring you a report from the Beckovský sun, where we, as a partner of the event, presented the laureate with a gold brooch made...
Soloom Jewels in BREAK magazine
Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, as well as cufflinks, are made to measure, taking into account the individual style of the future owner. Each piece of...
How to choose a gem?
Wearing gemstones is actually one of the most effective ways to always have them with you and harness their energy and power. Choosing the right...
Bratislava Fashion Days 2023
We bring you official photos from the luxury jewelry show of our brand SOLOOM Jewels at the Bratislava Fashion Days.
SOLOOM jewelry with hats from Alexis Vidic Millinery
We appeared in a magazine.
Soloom - a piece of jewelry as special as you
At SOLOOM, we believe that your story should be told in the most beautiful way possible – through dragon gems and jewelry made just for...

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