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Jewelry as unique as you are

SOLOOM Jewelry brings you breathtaking personalized jewelry made from rare gemstones for unique moments… to stay with you forever. Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, but also cufflinks are custom-made, taking into account the individual style of the future owner.

We will make your dream of a perfect piece of jewelry come true

Are you longing for a piece of jewelry that no one else will have? Are you looking for a unique and perfect piece of jewelry? Entrust your idea to our jewelers and experience the creation process from idea to realization, exactly according to your wishes.

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Jewelry custom-made for its owner

Topaz earrings with sapphires

Ruby ring

Choose from high quality gemstones

The gemstones used in our jewelry come from Tanzania. Their quality and purity is verified by certified laboratories in the EU. All mined gems are protected by a trademark that confirms the social responsibility of gem mining in the given area.


One of the youngest gems was discovered in 1967 and has a single deposit, which is Tanzania. In addition to the fact that it quickly gained worldwide popularity, it is a favorite piece of jewelry of Hollywood filmmakers. It appeared as the necklace of the main character Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic or as part of several pieces of jewelry in the movie The Great Gatsby. And it can also appear on the neck, ears or hand of your femme fatale.


The blue brother of the ruby, next to the diamond, the hardest gemstone in the world, which softens the heart even of a cold lady. The most popular is its blue variant, but it also comes in other attractive colors. You can find the popular crown jewel in our depository mainly in its rarest form – naturally intense blue with a creamy touch in medium dark tones.


The ruby, prized for centuries mainly for its exceptional color and brilliance, can sometimes be more valuable than the diamond itself. Thanks to its red color, it is a popular symbol of love, and it is no newcomer to gemstones. After all, you will find mention of the ruby several times in the Bible itself. If you reach for a ruby of the most desirable blood-red color, you will ensure the affection and admiration of your chosen one, and the next and the next.

Our clients said...

Adriana L.

The necklace charmed me at first sight. It is perfectly crafted and you can see that the jeweler paid attention to the details. The stones in the jewelry are of first-class quality - they shine beautifully. The lady in the store was very accommodating, helpful and patient.

Martina S.

Thank you for the comprehensive service when buying earrings. The staff was helpful from the selection of stones, through several suggestions, to handing over the desired earrings. Thanks to this, I have the original piece of jewelry that I dreamed of.


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