A gemstone for your jewelry

Gemstones are the heart of the jewelry, so only the purest, finest quality and most beautiful colors go into ours. The choice of stone, its size and cut shape is entirely up to your preference.
Our experienced personnel are ready to advise you on your choice.

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Sketch of the design

A piece of jewellery from SOLOOM will be your own creation, therefore, in the private part of the showroom you will choose the gemstone that will meet your vision.

After a mutual consultation, our experienced jewelry designers will draw a design for your jewelry, incorporating your gemstone.

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Harmony of materials

The combination of metal and precious stones represents beauty, eternity and rarity.
Their interplay in a unique piece of art jewelry represents all of who you are.




Artistic jewelers

For the actual production of the jewelry we cooperate with top artistic designers and jewelers from Italy and Prague, whose finished works are exhibited in the SOLOOM store.

Our partner Prague workshop owns a license, the Order of the Faberge family and produces for us the famous jewelry - Faberge eggs.

Personalied every detail

If you want to give the jewelry as a gift, we can also make a personalized box with your name, initials or date.

For each piece of jewelry you will receive a certificate that contains specific details about the jewelry and guarantees the quality, authenticity of the gemstones and other materials used in your piece.

You are the only one in the world

Your story is special and your journey has different shades.

Stand out from the crowd and show off your brightly coloured gems in a unique piece of art jewelry to be owned only by you.

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