Jewelry as special as you

Each of us has our own little world. We have our own triumphs and small failures, our own loved ones and our own journey through life.

At SOLOOM, we believe that your story should be told in the most beautiful way possible - through gemstones and jewelry that are made with your unique style in mind.

Design. Love. Wear.

We collaborate with you to design and create precious gemstone jewelry that reflects your unique style, your personality and your exceptional beauty.

Jewelry design

Topaz necklace

The key gemstone in the necklace is a 65.000 carat natural champagne-coloured topaz.

The delicate colouring of the topaz and its special setting in the jewelry allow light to easily penetrate through each piece of this gemstone.

Topaz thus magically draws attention to itself.

Lila Quarz pendant

A fascinating piece of work carved from a single piece of stone in the shape of a tender lily.

The gemstone used in this piece of jewelry is lila quartz in purple color.

The total weight of the stone in the jewel is 67.000 carats.

Almandine ring

The flower is carved from a single piece of stone, a natural garnet - almandine with a total weight of 7.708 carats.

It is also adorned with natural brilliant-cut diamonds and is plated in 18 ct white gold.

Ruby bracelet

Dominated by 7 pieces of natural ruby, cut into the shape of a rose, weighing 35.000 carats. In keeping with the colours of nature, the ruby roses are complemented by 14 pieces of natural tsavorite in green.

A total of 343 brilliant-cut diamonds are scattered around the perimeter of this exceptional bracelet.

It is made in white 18 ct gold.

In the beginning there were stones

Gems were here long before us, and because of their beauty and rarity they became a part of, and especially an enhancement to, the human world.

Your own journey to a unique piece of jewelry begins with them.

Our gemstones

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